Accounting ,legal auditing, tax consulting and financial services


ALcanoni is one of the offices which are licensed to operate within Libya in the field of accounting, audit, finance and taxation consultancy, organization of companies and marketing researches. Whereas we have a number  of competent and experienced expertise in preparation of final accounts, audit, design of accounting systems, design of  procedural and  accounting forms and tax settlement , in addition to preparation of economic feasibility studies, design of costing systems, documentary periods, financial and administrative regulations, automation of financial and administrative systems  and provision of integrated administrative and financial solutions for development of human resources and institutional performance in order to achieve  distinction to our clients, through recruitment and nomination of the best skills , regional and international institutions specialized  in modern management systems, in an endeavor to be distinguished and to provide the best quality of administrative and financial job  so as to have a positive outcome within the companies. We have provided our services to a large group of public, private companies and institutions according to the latest approved programs as per the international standards. Our objectives are  not restrict only  to expression of  the opinion on financial and administrative data, but aim also at providing the management with proposals that help it in improving the adopted financial and accounting system, in addition , we exert our effort so as to be amongst  the main consultants to assist the institutions in  decisions making process.